Nicki says she’s not throwing any shots.
Cardi B isn’t helping to de-escalate the constant Cold War between herself and Nicki Minaj. Because the world requires that all female rappers are at each other’s throats at all times, even the slightest nod in the other direction gets cast as a shot. So, when Cardi came out and attacked some mystery woman at a recent concert, fans were sure to point that in the direction of the “Anaconda” rapper.

It was almost too perfect when Nicki hopped on “No Flag” with a verse directed at an unnamed MC following in her footsteps, but Nicki’s denying that the verse is a shot at the up-and-coming rapper.

Before we get into her response, let’s take a look at the tape. This is Nicki’s verse that caused fans of the “Bodak Yellow” rapper to sound the alarm.

Lil b*tch I heard these labels tryna make another me,
Everything you getting, lil hoe, is cause of me,
I heard I’m stopping bags, word to Shaggy it wasn’t me,
These b*tches is my sons, but they daddy ain’t bust in me,
I’m a white picket fence b*tch, you a on the bench b*tch,
See me in the gym, now these b*tches wanna go bench press,
I ain’t f*cking with you sis, we ain’t with the incest
Yes I am the Queen, I’m still trying to find a princess.

It’s easy to see how that could be directed at Cardi. However, it could also be directed at literally any other female rapper who is not Nicki Minaj. It features many of the same sort of lines that Nicki has thrown out in every one of her verses since time immemorial. Even a stats nerd would give up before coming to a proper conclusion on how many times Nicki Minaj has said “these b*tches is my sons.” So, while the timing is suspect, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s coming for Cardi.

If that wasn’t enough, Nicki’s response makes it clear that she’s not talking about Cardi. In response to a fan’s tweet that people were making a whole lot of noise about nothing, Nicki laid the facts out plain.

“It sure ain’t [about Cardi],” she wrote. “Wrote this one a couple months ago, too.”

That makes some sense. When you’re as large as Nicki Minaj and you’re working on a song with 21 Savage and Offset, it doesn’t exactly come out overnight. This ain’t a Soundcloud loosie, and the machinery behind an A-list collaboration that’s meant to be a radio hit moves fairly slow.

Still, fans weren’t having it. Plenty of people accused Nicki of being fake on social media, saying that she’s trying to have it both ways by dissing Cardi and then publicly denying it. Never let the truth get in the way of a good beef.

Give “No Flag” a listen up top. What do you think? Is Nicki Minaj coming for Cardi B? Is it a good look for Minaj to do the whole bully pulpit thing on a beloved and relatively new rapper? If it does come time for the two to go back and forth, who will win? Also, aren’t we all being a little early with the whole narrative of Cardi B replacing Nicki Minaj? Minaj has had sustained success for nearly a decade. Cardi has a Top 40 hit. Don’t @ me but do let us know how you feel in the comments. Also, don’t forget to SHARE this article.

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