Did Erica Dixon Reveal She’s Pregnant on Instagram? (PHOTOS)

It’s been a while since we checked in on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s newly single mama Erica Dixon. This gal is pretty quiet when it comes to her personal life, so you could totally imagine our shock and surprise to see that the Atlanta native posted a photo of herself baring a protruding belly on April 1!

Dozens of congratulations flooded the single mom’s Instagram page, followed by questions of who the father could be. Was she having a baby with now ex-boyfriend, model O’Shea Russell, or could she have secretly hooked up with ex-fiancé Lil Scrappy for this new love baby?

Fortunately for the fans, all their questions would be answered by Erica’s follow-up Instagram post:

“April Fools…….. Some of yall are hilarious!!! Lol it was fun reading the comments,” read her text gram. And just in case you weren’t sure what the April Fools joke was, she captioned the text gram, “In regards to my last post.”

Erica sure did give her fans a great laugh. As for us? We didn’t fall for the Atlanta native’s joke in the slightest. Now excuse us while we go return the mint green booties we purchased yesterday.

Did you fall for Erica Dixon’s April Fools pregnancy joke? Sound off in the comments below!

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