‘Drugs were a demon I had to overcome,’ Wendy Williams opens up about her difficult past

– Talk show host, Wendy Williams speaks about her struggle with cocaine addiction and having insecurities about her body. – Celebritist has learned all the details from Essence. Wendy Joan Willaims-Hunter is an American television host, actress, author, fashion designer and former radio personality.

She is the host of the nationally syndicated talk show The Wendy Williams Show since 2008. The world knows her a wonderfully confident woman but just like everyone, Wendy had to grow up and learn in order to become what she is today. Williams revealed that she struggled with insecurities and doubting her image and her body. ‘I grew up being fat-shamed by my family. My first diet was in the first grade! Tuna fish and mustard with yogurt on the side.’

When she was in High School, Wendy felt like an outsider, which surely many of our readers can relate to. ‘I was just the girl standing on the side, looking at everybody having fun and saying, I can’t wait to get out of here and set the world on fire.’ Of course, that’s what Williams decided to accomplish, however, she faced several downs in her quest for success such as an addiction to cocaine in her 20s and 30s.

‘Drugs were a demon I had to overcome.’ Fortunately, the host was able to overcome her problems and now has been clean for over 15 years and her radio show led to becoming a talk show host. Williams is married and has a 13-year-old son named Kevin Hunter.

At Celebritist, we think it’s wonderful to read about artists who overcome heavy circumstances like addiction and body image insecurities. We also hope our readers know that anyone can overcome addiction with the right help. Why do you think so many celebrities suffer from addictions?

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