‘I’m just here to work on my music’ Keyshia Cole opens up about divorce with Boobie Gibson

 Celebritist learned from Vh1 that Keyshia Cole is a very confident and clever woman, it is known that recently she made a statement with some words that made everyone start talking about her, and was when she said she only had interest in making her music. -Keyshia Cole appears on ‘Love and hip hop Hollywood’ and recently every viewer was nervous waiting for the encounter between her and her ex-husband Booby, because he has a new couple now.

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And this was one of the most desired things on the mentioned TV series: to see how Keyshia was going to react after she knew Brooke Valentine is Booby’s new girlfriend. Everybody was waiting for a dramatic encounter between the two celebrities but nothing like that happened, in fact, they had the most civilized conversation that a pair of exes could ever have.
The singer even gave some advice about relationships to Booby, she recommended him to take things easy and see how everything progress and advance, then Booby assured her that he was going to do exactly that. Isn’t that amazing?

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Anyway, she couldn’t help but surprising when she found out who Booby’s new couple is, but she wished him the best. ‘I want him to be happy, and I think he feels the same way about me.’ Celebritist previously reported that the singer has tried to keep the focus of the program of her professional life, so she’s keeping the details about her drug addict mother away from cameras, at least for now

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Cole has struggled with her mother’s drug addiction for years. In fact, as a result of her mother’s troubled life, Keyshia was adopted by family friends when she was only 2 years old. She revealed once that she was almost in bankruptcy after paying for Lons’ rehab centers and other medical bills.

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