“Family Matters” Star Darius McCrary: “I Was Inappropriately Touched” By A Hollywood Exec [VIDEO]

But everything went downhill when McCrary said he wouldn’t reveal the name of the person because he ‘isn’t thirsty.’

Darius McCrary, who rose to fame as Eddie Winslow on “Family Matters,” came forward on Thursday, revealing that he was a victim of sexual assault.

But in front of TMZ cameras, the former childhood star made further startling statements, saying that the would never reveal the person’s name because he “isn’t thirsty.”

When pressed about the timing of the incident McCrary would only say that it happened when he was a young man. “See I’m not thirsty, I ain’t got to tell none of my business,” he said.

McCrary’s confession comes admit a string of sexual assault allegations, where numerous men and women have come forward to share they suffered trauma and harassment at the hands of powerful Hollywood execs.

Unfortunately McCrary’s statements reveal that former victims of trauma are often shamed into silence, forcing them to have warped self-image. His admonishment of those who do seek justice from their abusers signals that sexual violence permeates the mental state of the victim, especially those who experience it during their youth.

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