Navy Vet Accused Of Kidnapping & Murdering Ashanti Billie Tells Police He Hates African-American Women

A tragic missing girl story has now evolved into something even grosser:

The homeless man, Eric Brian Brown, 45, charged with kidnapping and killing 19-year-old Ashanti Billie has admitted to hating black people.
A Navy veteran, Brown frequented the restaurant where Billie worked and apparently tried to flirt with her. Given his alleged subsequent racist statements, it seems odd.

Nevertheless, the man was caught on camera driving the young girl’s car after the abduction and ditching her cell phone in a dumpster.

Police already had Brown in custody for an unrelated charge but connected him to this separate heinous act after the aforementioned videos were examined. DNA evidence from Billie’s body confirmed what they already suspected.

When Brown was eventually questioned about the teenager, he claimed that he blacked out and didn’t remember any of the events. But during that same session, he also claimed that he hated African-American women, describing them as gold diggers who, “only want guys with all the money.”

Billie went missing in late September after she never reported t to her job in Virginia. She was later found over 300 miles away, her body ditched behind a church in North Carolina.

If convicted, Brown could face life in prison.

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