Report: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Are Getting Divorced Before Their Third Baby Is Born

Okay, so this story has already been denied by a representative for Kim Kardashian-West. But a denial from anyone in that bunch doesn’t mean much, does it?

Life & Style is reporting that Kim will be calling it quits with Kanye (and will be filing the divorce paperwork) soon.

“She is ready to move on with her life,” an insider supposedly told the outlet.

After Kanye’s infamous hospitalization, they say that everything worsened, thanks to his “erratic behavior.”

Upon his release from UCLA Medical Center in November 2016, Kanye “spied on” by Kim, leading him to become distant.

“Kanye will go days without talking to her. He’s hot and he’s cold. Even their sex life isn’t what it used to be.”

The magazine went on to report that Kanye is hiding “dark secrets” and only Kim knows the details. He allegedly told Kim about his supposed drug use, which involved both liquid and traditional marijuana among other substances, a second source has stated.

The aforementioned rep told that this is “absolutely false.” However, Life & Style seems to be sticking to their guns. They believe that Kanye doesn’t trust anyone. And that the pair has recently been bickering over him spending time away from his wife and kids.

“Kim was hoping this baby would bring them closer, but it hasn’t.”
Do Band-Aid babies ever work? Like ever?


Kim and Kanye actually recently jetted off to Utah for a weekend getaway for her 37th birthday. It may have been a “bust” though because Kim was reportedly bored the entire time. Kanye seems to have had a swell time though. Haha.

“She’s tired and she’s done with this marriage,” the disher says. “Kanye makes it very difficult for her. She loves being a mother, but she wants it all and Kanye can’t give that to her… Kim definitely wants out of the marriage.” Even with a third baby, via surrogate, on the way.

Almost your birthday

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The pair is certainly fine with playing the part of loving couple on social media though. She is the queen of selfies, so it’s kind of her brand, right?

Stick around and see how this shakes out.

Thank you everyone for all of the love & light this year on my birthday! I love seeing all of your messages, they make me so happy. I love you!

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