Tyrese Admits To Marriage Fraud: I Only Married My Ex Wife To Keep Her In The Country!

Tyrese Gibson says he only married his ex wife, Norma Gibson, to keep her in the country. Norma and Tyrese were married from 2007 to 2009. When they met, she was a resident of London and the singer/actor says that he was motivated to marry her because she was pregnant with his child.
In a recent interview, he says of their marriage,

We had an angel. But I married you to keep you in the country. I never married you because we were happily married. You’re from London. I married you because we had a baby on the way and I had to do whatever I had to do so I’m not traveling all the way to London just to spend quality time with my baby. So now you’re running around painting this picture, like we was [sings ‘Here Comes The Bride’], we got married and there was like 7 people there.

He also says that if was a real marriage, he would have had a large wedding,

Like, I am the most flashiest, flamboyant dude, other than Floyd Mayweather, there’s nothing that’s low key and quiet. You know that I married her to keep her in the country.

Over the past few months, Tyrese and Norma have battled in court over their 10-year-old daughter, Shayla. Tyrese, who is now married to wife Samantha Lee Gibson, has since received 50/50 visitation rights. Norma has yet to respond to Tyrese’s recent comments.

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