Kenya Moore’s Ex & Former ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Matt Jordan Accused Of Rape

Kenya Moore’s ex Matt Jordan has always been something of a loose cannon, reportedly.
Think of the doors!
No, no. In all seriousness, we hope this latest batch of rumors isn’t true.

An unidentified woman has told Fameolous that Matt made her “do things that she didn’t want to do”; she also stated that a case has been opened by authorities on the matter.
He has yet to respond to the allegations and has deactivated comments on his Instagram page.A woman has filed a police report against Matt Jordan saying he raped her allegedly. Story developing…. #fameolousexclusive
The other day, he did post a snap of himself, captioning it, “When you are the truth, you tell no lies! Just call me TEO!”
When you are the truth, you tell no lies! Just call me TEO! #Teotees #TeoTio
Kenya and Matt did not have the cleanest break. He even have broke into and trashed her home after they split.

The police report from this incident read, “There was obvious damage to the middle (of three) glass garage door. Three of the glass panels had been shattered. A vehicle was parked on the other side of the glass garage door that was damaged. Through one of the broken glass panels, the rear window of the vehicle had been shattered.”


Kenya publicly touched on Matt’s allegedly violent tendencies before, writing, “There were no cameras around in Mexico when the door was kicked in and police escorted him out. There were no cameras the now FOUR times my home was vandalized. There were no cameras filming when my neighbors called 911. There were no cameras filming when the Vegas hotel kicked him out for being violent and destroying the hotel room.”


“And there were no cameras around when he got arrested for a felony last month (for the 4th time in a year) tazed, handcuffed and fled on foot. There were no cameras when he was banned from filming because of his violence.”
No love lost between this former duo though. He claims that she was manipulative and aimed to paint him as a villain for the sake of her plotlines.

“Please stop lying. The whole abusive boyfriend thing, I’ll let it play out even though I was totally against the whole idea in the first place.”
Kenya has moved on from Matt, obviously. She secretly wed Marc Daly earlier this year, much to the probable chagrin of producers.

Baby Baecation: RHOA’s Kenya Moore undergoing IVF treatment in the Caribbean ___________________________________ by @Vavabooom . —————————————– . Kenya Moore is twirling enormously juicy stallion booty on down to a tropics-based fertility clinic in the hopes to successfully implant a little baby inside her long-waiting womb. —————————————– . Despite her age and previously failed attempts at motherhood, the 46-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta vixen is reportedly seeking out the world-renowned skills of Caribbean baby specialists in the hopes to create a swaddled up blend of her and new restauranteur hubby, Marc Daly. —————————————– . Sources connected to Kenya—who, earlier this week, was spotted in the islands entering the highly regarded Barbados Fertility Centre—have confirmed that the … [#Read Full #Story via #Link in #Bio and visit for more] . By @Vavabooom #EntertainmentNews #News #TEA #Celebs #Celebrity #Shade #Blog #Blogger #Gossip #Music #HipHop . #Video #PressPlay #Hollywood #BlackHollywood #RealHousewivesOfAtlanta #RealHousewives #Kenya #KenyaMoore #IVF #Pregnant #Pregnancy #HusbandAndWife #Married #RHOA #Barbados

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Family night with #TheDalys Nothing is more important to me than my family. #love #goodtimes #familyfirst #ThatsMrsDalyToYou #KenyaMoore #issawife #blacklove
In fact, she might even be expecting Marc’s baby! The pair seems to have been trying to conceive. Which, sure.

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