Tasha Smith’s ex raised eyebrows as he defended his adultery which broke up their marriage

He was living a double life with children from his past relationship, yet he still blames Tasha for ending their marriage.

-Tasha Smith and her ex, Keith Douglas, had been married for years until got divorced in 2015. – Their eakup had been accompanied by the long-lasted feud, which has left her traumatized. As Celebritist learned from Live RampUp, Tasha Smith’s estranged husband wasn’t the best hubby for her.


Fertility problems often become the main sticking point when it comes to the relationship between a man and a woman, and that’s what happened when Tasha’s inability to conceive caused her divorce from Keith Douglas, who also tried to used her infertility as a weapon against her, hiding his multiple betrayals behind it. Their marriage was doomed back in 2015, as Tasha got to know about Keith living a double life with children from his past relationship.

What makes things worse is the fact that he had been previously married not only once not twice but five times! But long before her decision to divorce from this man, Tasha sought a restraining order against Keith, claiming that he threatened to kill her.


Their relationship story is filled with abuse, manipulation of Smith’s money, infidelities and other, so when Tasha left him, she felt happy and free! ‘Honey, I’m happy. I am happy, and you know all things work together for the good. Everything is divine, and I’m so grateful that I discovered the things that I discovered so that I could have my life back.’ And Keith hurried to save his reputation by slandering her on Twitter, telling in now deleted tweets that she has always been living her life recklessly, which eventually lead to her inability to conceive.


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‘Sadly when you have tried to love someone who is/was an addict although they may have recovered, or at least want you to think they have recovered, they often still carry the behaviors of their addiction.’ ‘Erratic, dysfunctional and deceitful! There’s a difference in being a stellar actress able to be convincing in any role & someone who’s being their ugly selves in every role.’


Sadly, he didn’t stop there, so the deal ended up with Tasha had to pay Douglas a $50,000 lump sum and $7,000 a month in alimony. Keith also insulted Tasha, calling her a b*tch because of her fertility. What can you say about Keith Douglas’ attitude to Tasha? Source: Live RampUp Read more: https://celebritist.me/8647-tasha-smiths-raised-eyebrows-defended-ad.html#utm_source=fran

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