When’s the Last Time We Had Se*?”: Sophia Body Has Her Own Issues With Jaquae In This Bonus Clip

All Sophia had to do was ask. As soon as she tells Jaquae she wants more sex, they leave dinner without paying and he tells her he’s about to “tear that a— up

Everyone respects a hustler but what Sophia Body won’t put up with is not being a priority in her boyfriend’s life.

In this deleted scene from Love and Hip Hop, Jaquae can’t get enough of how good Sophia Body looks. She joins Jaquae and Grafh for dinner but immediately rips her man for never answering his phone. If you care about someone, you make time for them, and Sophia feels neglected. Promises were made to her when they first started dating, but now their situation is beginning to feel more like an arrangement and less like a relationship. She can’t tell if he really loves her.

Grafh offers his two cents and advises Sophia to chill a bit because Jaquae is working hard. She takes offense because she is also grinding but Jaquae thinks he’s busier than she is. Things get awkward so Grafh dismisses himself to let these lovebirds hash things out. Jaquae and Sophia haven’t had sex in a long time and it’s getting ridiculous now. If sex is what she wants, that is what she’ll get and this hookah sesh ends a lot earlier than expected.

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